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ITV Player for iPad

ITV Player for iPhone

I have the ITV Player App, why is it that I can't get ITV1, but can get ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4?

The first time you launch the ITV player it will use the GPS capability in the device to find out where you are.

If GPS is not available or turned on, then the app will ask you to type in your postcode. The problem with the screen is that it also asks you for your e-mail address and as a result you may miss the request for the postcode.

ITV Player

Even though the screen does make it clear that the request for the postcode is to determine location it is easy to see that some people would see this merely as a registration request to get lots of e-mails from ITV and therefore I am sure (as I did) people will click the continue button and as a result fail to fill in their postcode.

When the app then starts the first time you are told that you can't have ITV1.

ITV Player

The solution is not as simple as it should be. There is a settings link, but it is hidden and only available in portrait mode hidden at the bottom of the screen. So in portrait mode, swipe upwards to unhide the settings menu.

ITV Player

Click Settings and then click the Clear button.

ITV Player

This will restart the App and you will now be able to enter your postcode.

ITV Player

Just to add that if you add your postcode and find that you still can't access ITV1 then go through the process again and add BS1 3BZ and that should work.