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Toast 7 Titanium for Mac

Archos AV700 PVR

Archos AV 700 100 GB Mobile Digital Video Recorder

This document was last updated on the 24 January, 2007

Convert eyeTV recordings to DivX for use on an Archos AV700 PVR using Toast

If you have recorded video using an eyeTV device, I have found that the default DivX export for eyeTV often results in video files that do not play correctly on an Archos PVR device with the audio been out of sync with the video or with no audio at all. This is because the audio output through eyeTV is not an mp3 stream and the export function of eyeTV does not support the export of the audio as a mp3 stream.

I use a eyeTV 410 or eyeTV DTT which records the native Digital TV MPEG 2 stream direct to disc.

Export your eyeTV recording for Toast, this is the quickest method to export the video file as there is no encoding.

Start Toast and click the video tab.

Screenshot of Toast

Drag the video file that you exported from eyeTV from Finder to Toast.

Screenshot of Toast

Select the video file.

Screenshot of Toast

Click the Export button.

Screenshot of Toast

This will bring up a new window.

Screenshot of Toast

Using the drop down dialogue, change the default DV setting to DivX (Toast remembers the last export format you chose).

Screenshot of Toast

The default settings will result in a file which will play on your Archos 700. However some files may need tweaking.

Screenshot of Toast

So click Options... this will bring up the DivX Options window.

Screenshot of Toast

Click Advanced Settings... On the Video tab...

Screenshot of Toast

You should keep the revised setting of 720x404 (if you are using DVB-T recordings) to maintain the aspect ratio on the AV700. You may want to reduce this if you are having playback issues with particular video files.

Screenshot of Toast

Check that the frame rate is no faster than 30 fps. If you have a PAL recording then this will probably show a framerate of 25.000 (25fps) if you have a NTSC recroding then this will be 29.000 (29fps).

Screenshot of Toast

Click the Codec tab...

Screenshot of Toast

You may need to change the Bitrate...

Screenshot of Toast

Change the default 1300 to 800, though I have found 1300 does work fine on the AV700.

Screenshot of Toast

Click the Audio tab...

Screenshot of Toast

Ensure that the audio format is MPEG 1 Layer 3.

Then click OK.

Screenshot of Toast

They should be:


800kbps (or smaller, though 1300kbps does work fine)




720x404 or smaller (this is based on DVB-T recordings, ie widescreen)


25.0000 (or 29.0000)

You can change the settings down to make smaller file sizes if required.

Click OK

Screenshot of Toast

Click Save



Copy the converted file over to your Archos device and press the play button.