Sink or Swim
A FoxTwo Scenario By Felix

This is a scenario for FoxTwo.

In the autumn of 1988, the Indian government exploded a nuclear device over the Indian Ocean. Following years of research, there was now a sixth declared nuclear power. The United Nations met in emergency session and expressed outrage over the lack of warning and suddenness of the nuclear test. The USSR expressed concern, whilst China, bordering India, put its forces on alert. The USA saw a new threat in the Indian Ocean and increased patrols, diverting a carrier group to the area.

USS Nimitz

The UN passed resolutions condemning the Indian action, one of the first times that both the US and USSR saw eye to eye. India saw the US Navy as a threat and mobilised her armed forces. Sea Harriers from the Indian Navy carrier Viraat patrolled the seas often "threatening" the US carrier group.

In this scenario aircraft from the USS Nimitz are patrolling the seas around the carrier groups when their Grumman Hawkeye AWACs aircraft identifies four unidentified aircraft approaching rapidly from the south, they have no IFF transponder on and are not responding to radio messages. Two F14 Tomcats are despatched to identify the bogies and respond thereon.

AWACs Hawkeye

The US Navy player has two Grumman F14 Tomcats, they are each armed with four Phoenix missiles, two AIM-7 Sparrow missiles and two AIM-9 Sidewinders.

The Indian Navy has four Sea Harriers, each armed with 30mm Aden gun pods, drop tanks and two AIM-9 Sidewinders.

The Americans may not initiate combat, and can only fire if fired upon. However if the Indian Sea Harriers cross the line identified on the map, they are assumed to be hostile and may be fired upon.

The Indians may fire when they like and can "buzz" the American pilots if they so wish.

The Americans win if they force the Indian Sea Harriers back the way they came or shoot them down, and lose no aircraft.

The Indians win if they destroy both the Tomcats.

It is a draw if there is any other result.