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A FoxTwo Scenario By Felix


Though Tom Clancy is probably better known for his fiction, most of his books include some form of military action, mainly submarine actions.

He has also written a series of books entitled The Tom Clancy Military Library these include books on submarine warfare, armoured warfare and most recently a guided tour of an Air Force Combat Wing.

All are interesting books and well worth a purchase if you have an interest in that area. Within each book he details (and there is some detail) a hypothetical conflict, encompassing a range of actions. For this article I have taken one action and detailed a FOXTWO! scenario.


Operation Golden Gate takes place in Vietnam in the year 2000, the book goes into some detail regarding the background to the conflict. This scenario over Yen Bai Airfield, northwest of Hanoi, comprises a conflict between Mig-29C Fulcrum fighters and F-15 Eagle fighters from the 366th Wing of the United States Airforce.

Mig 29


The aircraft utilised here are McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle fighters, there are two aircraft each armed with eight AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles. Before the game, for each aircraft roll a D6-2, this is the number of missiles fired prior to this engagement. Both aircraft have used some fuel so only have fifteen fuel points each.


The VNPAF flight consists of two MiG 29C Fulcrums, fully armed and fully fuelled. They are each armed with two R-73 AA-11 Archers and two R-27 AA-10 Alamo missiles.


The Vietnamese win if they shoot down both Eagles.

The Americans win if they shoot down at least one Fulcrum

Any other result is a draw.

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