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Sharpe Book

Video Choice

Sharpe on Video: The Sharpe box set contains all 14 of the full-length television films based on the novels by Bernard Cornwell. Originally broadcast between 1993 and 97, they follow the adventures of the titular soldier during the later years of the Napoleonic Wars, through Wellington's Peninsular campaign up to and including Waterloo. The programmes represent an outstanding achievement for the small screen, dominated by Sean Bean's central performance as the heroic, troubled outsider who turns out to be a resourceful and loyal leader. Bolstered by a strong supporting cast, particularly Daragh O'Malley as Harper and (in later episodes) Abigail Cruttenden as Jane, Sharpe is often visually striking, the action tense and gripping. Consistency is maintained by all episodes being directed by Tom Clegg.

Book Choice

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell Any book touted as the ‘adult Harry Potter’ runs the risk of attracting critical parries from swords of the double-edged variety. If this wasn’t enough, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell--the debut novel from Susanna Clarke--also invites comparisons with Jane Austen. Set in the early nineteenth-century, the action moves from genteel drawing rooms—albeit where a mischievous Faerie king sips tea with the wife of a very human government minister, to the bloody battleground of Waterloo, where giant hands of earth drag men to their doom. The juxtaposition of perfectly realised magical worlds and the everyday one with which JK Rowling and Philip Pullman so successfully captured our imaginations and the social comedy of Austen and Thackeray can easily be recognised. But less easy to pastiche is the ability of these writers to induce sheer narrative pleasure, and it is Clarke’s great achievement that she succeeds with this hugely enjoyable read.

Epic Armageddon

Epic Armageddon is the new version of Epic from Games Workshop now available. It builds on the Epic40K system and takes ideas and concepts from previous versions of Epic.

Ork Heavy Bommers

Forge World have released an Epic Heavy Ork Bommer for Aeronautica Imperialis. There are three versions as well, and with interchangeable parts.

Ork Bommerz

Doesn't quite look as I would have envisaged, but still nice.

Our new Ork Bommerz for Aeronautica Imperialis; there are in fact three of these beasts, and each is superbly detailed with no end of engines, guns, rockets and wacky Ork ‘tech’. The fact that all the component parts (noses, wings, fuselages, tails etc.) are all fully interchangeable between the models means if you buy multiple bommerz there’s loads of different cool combinations and looks you can achieve. We couldn’t resist going to town on this ourselves as you can see in our extensive (40+ picture) gallery here.

Ork BommerzOrk Flak Wagonz

There are some nice new Epic Scale Ork Flak Gunz & Flak Wagonz from Forgeworld, which will make some nice reinforcements for my Ork Epic army. Hopefully at some point Forge World will make some more Epic Ork stuff which is not just for Aeronautica Imperialis.

New for Aeronautica Imperialis (not to mention your games of Epic) are new Ork Flak Gunz and Flak Wagons, designed by Will Hayes. These highly detailed little beauties look great with their quad barrelled shoota cannon and are ready to rip enemy aircraft out of the sky in a suitably loud orkish hail of lead.

Epic Necrons

This was an entry in the UK 2006 Golden Demon awards.

Epic Necrons

Desert Terrain

I have made quite a bit of progress on my desert terrain boards, check out the workbench feature.

Feral Orks Airship

Warmaster Nice from the epic40k.co.uk forums posted this fantastic picture of a Feral Ork Airship which he created.

Though it looks like it was converted from a Forgeworld Airship, according to Warmaster Nice though inspired by the said airship was in fact scratch-built, which is amazing, he has done a fantastic modelling and paintjob.

You can check out Warmaster Nice's website.

Feral Orks on Workbench

I have been working on my Feral Orks (and Airfield Defence Vehicles) recently and have finished a few of the models.

Here is a picture of some of the vehicles for my Feral Ork Army.

You can see how they were painted in the workbench.

Swordwind Out

The Eldar and Feral Ork supplement for Epic Armageddon is now out as are the Eldar miniatures releases.

Steam Gargant

Ork Steam Gargant - due for release in January 2005
(from GamesDay 2004)

Feral Ork Army seen at GamesDay 2004

Update: Photos now online

The Feral Ork army was seen on the Fanatic Studio display at UK GamesDay 2004. Photos coming soon... Check the blog for a picture now.

Full Range of Miniatures now out

Virtually all the miniatures for the first phase of Epic Armageddon are now out. Some of the miniatures are excellent others are okay.

Ork Airfield Defence Force - Variant Ork Army Lists

As most people who play Epic Armageddon are aware, once an army list is finalised nothing can be added to it, so when new models, such as the new Forgeworld Bommers, are released they can not be used in the current army lists...

One thing Jervis mentioned in the latest White Dwarf got me thinking, especially with the release of the Ork Bommers from Forgeworld.

As most people who play Epic Armageddon are aware, once an army list is finalised nothing can be added to it, so when new models, such as the Bommers, are released they can not be used in the current army lists. Either you use the "counts as" rule or create your own rules.

In the White Dwarf article, Jervis talks about having quite a few army lists (aka Hordes of the Things or DBM).

It occurred to me that you could have quite a few variant Ork lists, potentially at least twenty different lists!

Therefore I am working on a Ork Airfield Defence Force which will include the new Forgeworld Ork Bommers.

More information on my blog and on the workbench.

Epic Armageddon Rulebook CoverNews: Epic Armageddon now available to pre-order

The time has come. The fate of a planet, torn apart by an ages long war, is about to be decided. Your forces stand ready for battle, awaiting your arrival...

Epic Armageddon now available to pre-order

News: Picture of the Day

The Fanatic website has started showing us some of the new models for Epic Armageddon, with a new picture everyday for the last week. So far we have seen Soopa-Guns, Stompas, Valkyries and lots more...

News: GamesDay 2003

The biggest Games Workshop event of the year, I have a few pictures here and links to other sites on the web.

News: Forgeworld release Ork and Eldar models

Forgeworld have released Ork and Eldar models for Epic.

New Models

There will be new models including a Capitol Imperialis!!! More Details of Epic Armageddon Models and is taken from the Fanatic Epic Armageddon newsletter:

Mark Bedford has been doing a lot of ‘test pieces’ for the metal infantry strips. We’ve just cast up a row of Terminators on a thinner version of the stand than we used for the first Space Marine strip. The good news is that the models cast perfectly, and the weight was almost half that of the first strip we made. This lower weight pretty much guarantees that we’ll be able to include at least 8-10 strips/stands in a pack for the same price as a Warmaster unit (hoorah!)

Mark has also made a really nice Guard fire support team. These come on a round ‘dioramic base, with the weapons team behind a set of sandbags. It looks very nice – hopefully we’ll have pictures of the stand up on the website soon.

Shane Hoyle has delivered a lovely Ork trukk model. Chunky and very characterful, this model is going to set the pattern for the new versions of the smaller Ork vehicles we will release with Epic Armageddon.

While on the subject of Ork vehicles, John Manders has delivered the master for a new metal version of the Ork stomper. It really is a superb piece, John’s best work for us so far I’d say, and I would imagine that every Ork player will want one of two of these models in their army.

40K Developer and Epic aficionado Pete Haines came up with a great idea for a new Space Marine vehicle. “Jervis,” he said “the Marines could really use something that would allow them to drop vehicles directly onto a planet from their battlebarges. You know, a sort of giant landing craft that could hold a detachment of tanks…” I’ve never been one that was loath to steal a good idea, so I’ve nicked this one and we’ll be including just such a vehicle in the Epic Armageddon range.

Writing the section of the v9.1 rules about our Back Catalogue models reminded just what a lovely model the Capital Imperialis was. Sadly the model can’t be made any more as it uses plastic tracks that are no longer available… so I’ve decided to have a new version made with metal tracks!

Actual Games

Not a very exciting picture you may think (click here to see it), but this is in fact from one of my first games of Epic Armageddon....

More stuff coming soon...

Epic 40000

As well as covering Epic Armageddon, this website also has a large section devoted to Epic40K, check it out!