Sharpe's Tralfalgar Cover

The photographs show miniatures from the collections of Felix, Simon Evans and Mac Coxhead. Return to thumbnails page. Updated photographs available here.

Wheelingturn & Guard

Orc Officers by altar

Orc Officers with Elephant

Rifles with War Machine

Orc War Machine

Simmerzun & Life Guard

Orcs Defending Farm

Orc Officers in Village Square

Simmerzun & Gibbonz

Orc Rifles in Village Square

Overhead view of Orc Officers

Orc Rifles in another Village Square

Orc Staff Officers

Orc Rifles next to statue

Orc 1st Life Guard by Tower

Pts Doyle & Flyn

Pt O'Leary (Guinalean Legion)

More Orcs of the Guinalean Legion

Orcs of the Guinalean Legion

Orc 1st Life Guard

Orc Officers in Village

Colonel Simmerzun

General Wheelingturn

Orc Dragoon in Village

Colonel Dempsey of the HEVC

Orc 1st Life Guard

Orc Dragoon

Orc Dragoons

Detailed Davy Krokitt

Sharke and Elephant in Mountains

General Wheelingturn

Close-up of General Wheelingturn

Sharke on Elephant

Fredorksun and Rifle Orc

Orc Officers by well

Two Orc Rifles

Harpy and 105th Rifles

Orc 1st Life Guard

Flintloque Orc Officers

Flintloque Orc Cavalry

Orc Rifles in Azteca

Sharke and Harpy in Observation Tower

Orc Dragoons

Lt Gibbonz

Private Gunzun of 105th Rifle