Warhammer Forge


The Warhammer Forge Gallery contains images from Warhammer Forge, the new venture from Games Workshop, a fantasy Forge World is probably the best way to decribe it.


The Dwarf Gallery contains photographs of a range of Dwarves from different manufacturers and includes the classic Old Glory Dwarf Battlewagon. You will also be able to see soon some photographs of my new Dwarf Skirmish force. There is also a Dwarf Scenery Gallery. Also check out this wonderful Dwarf City from GamesDay 2008.

Orcs and Goblins

Chaos Dwarfs

One of my original Warhammer armies was an Orc and Goblin force (most of which is missing at tbe moment). This gallery has some images of that force and lots of snotlings...

The Chaos Dwarf Gallery includes the new models from Warhammer Forge and the odd old model too.


Limited Editions

The Elven Gallery contains images of High Elves and other Elves.

In the 1980s, Citadel released a series of Limited Editions, this gallery contains a range of those miniatures which now sell for silly amounts of money on eBay...

Scenery and Terrain

Dwarf Scenery

Photographs of buildings, scenery and terrain. Island of Blood from GamesDay 2010. The Siege of Altdorf from GamesDay 2010.

There is also a Dwarf Scenery Gallery.



The Warmaster Gallery contains images of Lizardmen, Empire, Orcs and Goblins and Warmaster Scenery. The Araby Gallery contains images of Warmaster Araby troops from displays at GamesDay 2006.

This section of the Miniatures Gallery contains images of anything which doesn't fit into the above categories and I don't have enough images to justify a gallery of their own.