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Doctor Who Wargaming

Though the Doctor advocates peaceful solutions it is (not) surprising how often episodes see major battles or conflict.

This website will cover wargames in the world of Doctor Who, from fighting Cybermen, to battling the Daleks, supporting UNIT, to subversion with Torchwood.


Pictures of games and models and some Doctor Who pictures as well.


Over the years many models have been released which can be used to play games in the Doctor Who universe.

Check out the Doctor Who workbench.

Most of the miniatures are from the old Harlequin Miniatures range so are from the classic era of Doctor Who. I am unaware of any official 28mm Doctor Who miniatures from the current series, but a fair few companies appear to be producing some nice "possibilities".


These are ideas for games. From UNIT fighting Daleks from the Jon Pertwee era, to Cybermen versus Torchwood in the David Tennant shows.

The new series with Matt Smith has many nice ideas including British Army Daleks, the Sea Devils, "modern" British Army fighting Weeping Angels and other aliens.

With all the Christmas specials over the years, there are fair few Victorian era scenarios that could be played out. Aliens running amok in Victorian London in the snow!


Really impressed to find some free rules online. They look quite interesting.

The DWMG allows you to wargame in the many and varied worlds of Doctor Who. Expect catastrophic plans, daring escapades, outlandish inventions and awesome villainy. The free 64 page PDF rulebook contains all the rules you need to play as well as 6 scenarios and 112 miniature profiles drawn from the classic series of Doctor Who, 1963–89. The DWMG is supported by numerous releases from both the classic and new series.


She Said, He Said: A Prequel - The Name of the Doctor


Prequel to 2012 Christmas Special - The Great Detective

2012 Christmas Special.

Doctor Who Links

Interesting and useful links relevant to playing games in the Doctor Who universe.

Official Doctor Who Website

Official BBC Doctor Who Website

Salute Doctor Who Game - War of the Daleks

War of the Daleks is an attempt to produce something unusual: Doctor Who based games have been produced before, but we wanted to try a different approach - an all Dalek participation game in a large scale.

Using the range of 1/35th scale Daleks (by Media Collectables) and sections of resin corridor (from the 'Blastwall' range by Ainsty Castings) we have built a game called War of the Daleks, based around a thoroughly explored timeline. We've made some big inroads into creating a catalogue of colour schemes for the Daleks and we have also included an introduction into the very simple rules we use at opendays.

The rules are simple for a good reason: they aren't designed, after all, to take into account terrain more complex than corridors and rooms, or creatures much more varied than Daleks (though other enemies of the Daleks turn up!).

War of the Daleks

Doctor Who Miniatures Blog

Really nice blog on Doctor Who Miniatures.