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Battle Reports

Imperial Thunderbolts in flightThis battle report is the second part of a small campaign on Cygnus IV. In this the second battle, 3000 points of Orks were defeated by only 2000 points of Imperial Guard.

This battle report is the first part of a small campaign on Cygnus IV. In this the first battle, the Orks smashed the Imperial Guard into defeat.

Battle Report Carl Woodrow's Gamesday Battle. Not really a battle report but more some nice photographs of his demonstration Epic Game from Gamesday 2001.

Some photographs of battles been fought at GamesDay 2001.

This battle report was on a fight which comprised a large force of Orks striking against an Imperial force comprising artillery and aircraft. It was a game to see if the Imperial forces could hold back overwhelming numbers of Orks.

Ork FlakwagonIf we had more time we would have brought more Ork reinforcements onto the table, maybe another day...

Another photographic battle report. This time Orks versus a combined Imperial force. Though facing lots of tanks, Imperial Navy Aircraft and Space Marines in drop pods, the Orks excelled in battle and were victorious.

A battle report this time Space Marines versus rebel Imperial Guard. It include photographs of the new Forgeworld resin Baneblades.

A battle report between Orks and Imperial Guard complete with photographs.