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Ork Shanty Town

See the wonderful Forge World Ork Shanty Town

Battle Reports

Warhammer 40K Battle Reports


Ork Speed Freeks

Ork Speed Freeks army list can be found in Codex Armageddon. It is a variant army list based on the Ork Codex. The main component of the army is vehicles and all the Orks must have transport usually in the form of Trukks.


Ork Warboss on Bike


Ork Nobz on Bikes


Trukk Transport
Trukk Transport (new & Forge World)

Ork Trukk Concept Art and Models
Forge World Ork Trukk Concepts

Fast Attack

Deth Koptaz
Ork Skorcha
Ork Warbuggy
Ork Warbike

Heavy Support

Gunwagon with Kannon
Gunwagon with Armoured Top
Grot Bomb Launcha
Looted Rhino
Ork Battlewagon

Super Heavy Vehicles

Skullhamma Battle Fortress
Ork Battle Fortress


With the crossover between the Ork armies, some of the galleries here are the same galleries you will find in the other Ork army lists.