Warhammer 40K Miniatures Gallery

Photographs of painted miniatures from Felix's and Simon's collection as well as photographs of 'Eavy Metal and Forgeworld models taken at various shows. Covers all the major 40K races.

Epic Armageddon Miniatures Gallery

Epic photographs of Epic miniatures.

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Welcome to Jimbo's Workbench.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

Grey Knights Landspeeder - work in progress

Whereas on the Miniatures Gallery you can find photographs of painted and finished miniatures, in this section of the site you can find (gasp) unpainted miniatures and work in progress. It should give you an idea of what I am painting now and what is in progress (and details of painting and modelling as well).

For Warhammer 40 K there are currently, Orks, Feral Ork, another on Daemonhunters as well as Space Marines, and one on Witch Hunters.

For 15mm games there are sections on Flames of War and Team Yankee.

For historical 25/28mm games there are sections for Bolt Action, the Crimean War, Napoleonics, the Old West, Tally Ho!, The Chicago Way and for The Great War.

Going slightly left feild there are 25/28mm sections on Victorian SF, Doctor Who and for Terminator Genisys.

Also for Victorian SF, but smaller scale there is the Dystopian Wars workbench.

Covering a range of eras and scales there is the terrain and scenery workbench.

I also have a area for Warhammer 40000 Epic.

Each section is sub-divded again into projects or models or units. Every so often as a I do some painting I will add to the relevant project page. Updates will depend on time available and what models are flavour of the month.

Felix's Gaming Pages Blog

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