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Gallery of photographs of various Old West miniatures.

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Old West

I have the Legends of the Old West rules and will be using them for games.

I already have quite a few miniatures suitable for the Old West style game. At GamesDay 2008 I did purchase the Warhammer Historical Old West rules and for Christmas 2008 I was lucky enough to get some Foundry Old West miniatures. I also found some other Foundry Old West models to complement these blisters

These are (and will be) guides to painting these (and other) Foundry miniatures... possibly even a Dixons Miniatures Stagecoach as well...

Old West


Emmet Gates & Judge Guthrie Prentice, Tucson Bob & Huck Klosterman, The Reverend John Wesley Carrington & Earl Jones.


Choctaw Charley & Ned Buck, Bitter Creek Todd & Blue Dog, Tuco & Cherokee Bill.

OW11/7 The Town Vigilance Committee

Joel Knapp, Hunky Dory Holmes, Cemetery Sam, Bobby Cue, Billy Thompson and Jerry Ostermann

OW9/1 Shootists

Rollo Sullivan,Wild Bill Hickok, One of the Pinkerton Men, Buffalo Bill Cody, Bill Longley, Another of the Pinkerton Men.

OW11/6 Town Toughs & Staunch Defenders

Sheriff McQuaige, Cleggy Barnes, Rusty Dimmock, Sneaky Pete, Sean McSweeny, Hellfire Preacher Jubal McCabe.

OW9/3 Lawmen

Professor Dixon, Sheriff Earp, Sheriff Milt Mast, Marshall John Behan, Sheriff Cale Giddings, Long Johns.

Original Foundry Gunslingers

I also have some of the original 25mm Gunslingers from Foundry (probably Guernsey Foundry if my memory serves me correctly). I don't have their original codes (or names) so I have made them up.

Jed Sampson, Minty McDougal


Perry Miniatures North American Farmhouse

Sarissa Precision Old West 28mm Buildings

Sarissa Precision Old West 28mm Stage Coach

Sarissa Precision Old West 28mm Engine and Tender

4Ground A&D Hardware Store

4Ground Single Storey Small Building Under Construction