Dystopian Wars

Official site for the Dystopian Wars.

Space 1889

Photographs and information on the classic Victorian Steampunk game.

Old West & Steampunk

Combining cowboys with steam.

The Difference Engine

Wargaming in the world of the analytical engine.

Dystopian Wars


The Dystopian Wars is a miniatures games from Spartan Games.

Prussian Empire Blucher Class Dreadnought

Kingdom of Britannia

Naval Battle Group

Ruler Class Battleship

Eagle Class War Rotor

Illustrious Class Sky Fortress

Olympic Class Troop Transport

Prussian Empire

Pflicht Class Scoutships

Sky Fortress

Arminius Class Frigates

Hussar Class Gunship

Konigsberg Class Battlecruiser

Blucher Class Dreadnought

Blucher Class Dreadnought II

Prussian Empire Scenery

Bunker Complex

Tower Set


Airfield Set