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Photographs of miniatures that fit into the Tally Ho! world and game.

Tally Ho! Rules Development

The Tally Ho! rules are currently in development.

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Victorian Science Fiction Workbench

Painting and modelling vehicles and characters for Victorian Science Fiction.


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Tally Ho! Workbench


The game allows small unit actions in the 1930s, normally using a small band of heroic advernturers versus nasty types. Will include full rules for vehicles and aircraft.

Rolls Royce Armoured Car

This model was the first one I bougth for Tally Ho! It has been stuck in a box for about twenty years...

Rolls Royce Armoured Car

A League of Exceptional Gentleman - DA012

I had a pack of Darkest Africa miniatures from Foundry. I also intend to use them for VSF and Old West scenarios too.

Frobisher - Capitain Craupaud - Graf von Schnyder - The Younger Stanley - Teddy Roosevelt - Malto Cortese - Enfield


Egyptian Sarcophagus