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Scenery and Terrain

scenery tilesThis section of the workbench is devoted to terrain and scenery.

As well as details on some gaming boards I am making there are also guides on how I made some terrain tiles which I am using for miniature photography. I have also added sections on my Forge World buildings and the GW basing kits.


Forge World Stable

Forge World Cottage


Forge World Epic Ruined Librarium

Epic Cityfight Gaming Boards

Warhammer 40000

Urban Basing Kit

Urban Barricades and Walls

Forge World Generator

Skyshield Landing Pad

Warhammer 40000 Basing Kit

Honoured Imperium


Warhammer Chapel

Ork Barricades

Ork Defence Line

Ork Stompa Gantry

Ork Desert Fort

Ork Desert Fuel Depot


scenery tilesFlames of War

Street Barricades

Ruins (Jagdpanther)

Hovels Ruins

Ruined row of three houses

Ruined row of four houses

Ruined shop with passage

Ruined cafe

Tally Ho!

Egyptian Sarcophagus

Dystopian Wars

Airfield Set


Desert Gaming Boards

Photographic Terrain Tile - Desert

Photographic Terrain Tile - Grass

Photographic Terrain Tile - Cityfight

You can see picture of my scenery in my Epic Battle Reports and WH40K Battle Reports.