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Ork Desert Fort

Check out my Fort.

This page was last updated on the 3 October, 2010

Ork Desert Fuel Depot

One of the things I liked about Cities of Death was the large Ork "town" which was there alongside the ruined Imperial Cities. I know I will never have the time, space or resources to make something similar, but I did like the concept and thought it would be nice to have some buildings for my Ork Airfield, well at least something that could be used alongside my Ork Bommer.

So I took an old DVD-R spindle tub I had, these are available in various sizes depending on how many disks there are, I used a 50 disk tub.

Once you have finished with the disks, you do have the basis for a good building. They come in various sizes as well, 25, 50, 100, therefore you can have different heights as well.

DVD-R Tower

The first thing I did was stick a tube out the side (well my son did), the tube is from a roll of foil.

I then added a Land Raider door as a hatch in the floor and Rhino roof doors as entrance doors.

Ork Desert Fort

The next stage was to add some wood planking and some metal panels (made from plasticard).

Ork Desert Fort

Unlike my fort I used some wider strips of plasticard for the metal panels.

Ork Desert Fort

Using parts from the Stompa kit and Cities of Death Manufactorium I added more detail to the Depot.

Ork Desert Fort

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