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This page was last updated on the 6 December, 2005


Photographic Terrain Tile - Desert

When taking photographs I use to create the scenery which took time to setup and time to break down.

Having less time means I don't have time to setup the scenery. I have decided to build up some mini-scenery boards for photographic sessions. I got a cheap piece of MDF for 25pence which I cut into two pieces to make two lots of scenery boards. One will be grass the other desert.

The first thing I did was add some small stones to the board, you should be able to see an Ork battlewagon for scale purposes.

A close up of the battlewagon.

The next stage was to add some expanded polystyrene (taken from an iPod box) to act as a backplate.

Then I glued in some cork bark.

The next stage is to put down some filler.

I decided to add some extra hillocks using two small bits of polystyrene.

Having used a mixture of polyfilla (wall filler), white glue, brown paint, model railway ballast, model railway coal and some water I added the mixture to the board.

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