World War One Demonstration Game

Photographs from Aly Morrison's and Dave Andrews excellent World War One demonstration game which uses the Warhammer Historical rules and was on display at GamesDay 2007. The game was full of wonderful details and well painted miniatures and excellent scenery.

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The Great War Workbench

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Wargames Foundry British Infantry in Dress Cap (1914)


World War One

The Great WarIt is my intention to use The Great War rule which were published by Warhammer Historical

When war broke out in August 1914, the majority of military commanders felt that the war would be over by Christmas. The early clashes developed into huge offensives all ending in stalemate.

Battlefield technology and tactics evolved at a spectacular pace with the tank, airplane support and coordinated bombardment becoming commonplace.

As 1918 dawned these new weapons of war spearheaded the offensives, but it was still the soldier’s war to win or lose, where men endured heroically under fire.