Ork & Gretchin Miniatures Gallery

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Orks Workbench






This is the army which has got me back into Warhammer 40000. I have got quite a bit of stuff and quite a lot is now painted, but as with all armies there is still lots to do and I still have a long way to go before everything is painted.


Ork Big Mek with Big Shoota
Ork Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun
Ork Painboy
Ork Weirdboy
Ork Weirdboy Warbike
Ork Sqwadron Commander
Runt Bot and Grot


Stormboyz Nob
Ork Kommandos
Ork Kommando with Big Shoota
Ork Kommando with Burna
Tankbustas (new)


Heavy Weapons - Metal Models I
Heavy Weapons - Metal Models II
Heavy Weapons Conversion I - Big Shootas
Heavy Weapons Conversions II - Rokkit Launchas
Heavy Weapons Conversions III - More...
Forgeworld Twin Big Shootas

Slugga Boyz
Shoota Boyz
Grot Rebel Leader
Grot Oiler (direct only model)
Grot with Toolbox

Fast Attack

Ork Biker
Trukk II
Trukk III (the new version)
Trukk IV (another new version)
Forge World Trukk with Enclosed Cab
Wartrakk I
Wartrakk II
Wartrak III
Ork Skorcha
Grot Cutta
Rebel Grot Big Lugga
Grot Tank I
Grot Tank II
Grot Tank III
Grot Tank IV
Ork Aircraft Traktor and Launch Trolley

Heavy Support

Ork Battlewagon
Ork Battlewagon with Supa Kannon
Big Gunz
Big Gunz Krew
Big Zzappa
Flakk Gun
Killa Kan
Killa Kan (II) with Rokkit Launcha
Plastic Killa Kan Box
Grot Bomb Launcha
Grot Bomb Launcha (II)
Grot Bomb Launcha (III)
Fighter Bomma
Ork Bommer (plastic kit)
Looted Rhino
Forgeworld Ork Gunwagon
Forge World Ork Half Trakk
Forge World Ork Big Trakk
Forge World Ork Mega Dread
Grot Mega Tank

Super Heavy Support

Ork Kil Krusha Tank
Ork Kil Bursta
Ork Pulsa Rokkit

The mainstay of any Ork army are the boyz, but they are not the most fun to paint... I seem to want to paint the more interesting stuff and never have enough boyz to build an army! This time I hope to have the relevant core troops done soon.

I also intend to have lots of Grots as they can be fun and always cause a chuckle amongst your opponents (and it gives me an excuse to get a Forgeworld Grot Bomb Launcha!

I have decided that the army would have a snow planet theme (I have always enjoyed The Empire Strikes Back and the Assault on Hoth sequence) but that this would also allow me to use them in any Cityfight games as well.