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Ork Skorcha

The Ork Skorcha is basically a Wartrakk with a fuel trailer and a small turret with a skorcha weapon.

Having got one for a present I decided to up-armour the thing and add some armour skirts from plasticard.

The armour sides were cut from 2mm thickplasticard, then thin "plates" of plasticard was added before thin slices of plastic rod were added for bolts.

Additional bolts were then also added to the mudguards.

I added a shield icon from the Warhammer Orc boxed set and converted the driver with bitz from the Ork Boyz sprue.

The model then looks like this once put together.

I think it needs to have the tracks lowered to raise the armoured part higher.

As with my Grot Bomb Launcha I decided to undercoat different bits white and some bits black.

Ork Skorcha

Once undercoated the metal components were drybrushed with Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal.

The main body will be a brown/orange colour with the metal parts in a dirty rusty metal colour. As you can see I have also done some of the driver, I have also virtually finished the Grot who sits on the trailer.

Ork Skorcha

This photo shows the painted bodywork and the metal parts.

This photo shows the painted bodywork and the metal parts.

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