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This page was last updated on the 26 October, 2007


Grot Rebel Leader

I do like the underdog and this page shows how I painted my Grot Rebel Leader for Warhammer 40K. The model was originally released for Gorkamorka.

Here he is in his undercoated state, for Orks I use black, for Gretchin and Grots I use a white undercoat as it usually results in a lighter look for the Grots and a darker look for the Orks.

The base is flocked with model railway ballast.

First I paint the skin in Goblin Green and then all the equipment in black.

I have also painted the underneath in black (as that will never be seen in games). The black parts were drybrushed with chainmail.

The skin was then highlighted with Bilious Green. I painted his coat Snakebite Brown. The flash has emphasised how unhappy I am with the paint job on this model. I am certainly not happy with the flesh tones compared to other Grots I have painted.

Grot Rebel Leader

At this point I did seriously consider I might just abandon him and start over.

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