Ork & Gretchin Miniatures Gallery

This page was last updated on the 5 December, 2005


Ork Lootaz

These are Orks who have looted Imperial weaponry. Not only can they use Space Marine weapons they can also take the transport option...

These are conversion using spare weapons from an Imperial Landspeeder.

One of the issues is that they are Heavy Support and with my Killa Kans, Big Gunz, Grot Bomb Launchas and Squiggoth, I don't really have any spare Heavy Support slots, so I may use these models as Flash Gitz.

At this stage I have done the skin tones, again using the same technique as my other Orks.


Now I have painted the bases and done the teef!


I am going to add to the Lootaz Boyz and I will add some Space Marine looted transport, either a Rhino or a Razorback.

more soon