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This page was last updated on the 26 May, 2008

Ork Killa Kan with Rokkit Launcha

The Killa Kan was a christmas present from my mother-in-law. You can find out how I made my other two Killa Kans on this page.

Go the latest updates. This model will now give me a mob of three.

Killa Kan

This is quite an old model now and is all metal. There are various components and as with most Games Workshop metal models no instructions! This particular model came with a Burna (flamer).

Killa Kan

Having thought about it, I decided to arm this Killa Kan with a Rokkit Launcha to go along with the other two which also have Rokkit Launchaz. I didn't have a spare Ork Rokkit Launcha to hand, so decided to use the Missile Launcher from the Chaos Vehicle sprue.

Killa Kan

Having glued the two halves together which needed a bit of filing for a snug fit, I added the engine on the back. The Rokkit Launcha I made according to the instructions.

Killa Kan

Using a small piece of plastic rod I glued it to the Rokkit Launcha and glued to the arm hole on the Killa Kan.

Killa Kan

I now need to stick on the rest of the metal parts add some more Ork Gubbinz to make it more Orky. I will also need to find a base as they now come with the smaller 40mm round bases rather than the bigger 60mm bases they use to come with and what my other two are based on.

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