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Photographs of Ork Trukks.

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Concept art and models from GamesDay.

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Ork Trukk III (the new version)

The original Ork Trukk model was designed for Gorkamorka, and then became part of Warhammer 40K with Codex Orks. It was really way too small and needed to be updated, and updated it was in January 2008 with the release of the new Ork Trukk. Go to the latest updates...

Trukks are designed to transport mobs of choppa-wielding Boyz into combat as quickly as possible. Each warband and clan will 'kustomise' its trukks to reflect their own predilictions. For example, a Goff vehicle will be functional with a large crew compartment, while the Evil Sunz almost always have turbo-charged engines and a red paint job.

Ork Trukk the new version

I do like this model and think it is very Orky. You can see how it was developed by Games Workshop from some of the photographs I took at GamesDay.

You get a very thin box with two sprues, transfers and instructions.

Ork Trukk the new version

Ork Trukk the new version

Before starting any model I always look at the GW site and do a Google search to see how others had built and painted theirs.

Ork Trukk the new version

The model was constructed as per the instructions, Generally I try and build as much of the model as possible to avoid having to glue painted parts together... The chassis and engine were the first parts I stuck together.

Ork Trukk the new version

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