Another Grot Workbench Guide

The original guide to painting Grots.

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This page was last updated on the 26 October, 2007


Gretchin or Grotz (take your pick)

I do like the underdog and this page shows how I painted my Grots for Warhammer 40K. Note that this is a topsy turvey guide in that some of the new pictures are in fact of new unpainted grots.

The first thing when basing Grotz is to fill the spacing left on the slottabase, I use some old green stuff I have.

I usually flock my Grotz before undercoating now.

For Orks I use black, for Gretchin and Grots I use a white undercoat as it usually results in a lighter look for the Grots and a darker look for the Orks.

The detailing on these models are excellent and they are full of character.

Once the white undercoat is done, the skin tones are painted in Goblin Green.

The next stage will be a highlight of Scorpion Green (as with my Gun Krew Grots).

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