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Grot Bomb Launcha

Building my second Grot Bomb Launcha.

My third Grot Bomb Launcha.

Epic scale Grot Bomb Launcha

Building an Epic scale Grot Bomb Launcha

This page was last updated on the 12 May, 2015

Ork Grot Bomb Launcha

The Forgeworld Grot Bomb Launcha is probably one of my all time favourite ideas and was really chuffed when my mate Simon got me one for my birthday.

The Forgeworld kit was very nice (even though most of it was substantially the GW plastic Wartrakk). There was quite a bit of flash, but it cleaned up quite nicely and all the bits fitted well.

I did add a few differences, I added a icon to the front of the vehicle and changed the driver by adding a different top half.

The following picture shows the actual resin pieces you get.

Here are the resin pieces with the plastic pieces. You can see where I have added an Ork icon to the front of the bike, and converted the driver.

This is how the model looks before undercoating - at this point it is not glued together, the above shot shows the different pieces..

I used multiple undercoats on it, some black some white. In the case of the rear superstructure the underneath was sprayed black, whilst the top was sprayed white.

Those bits with a black undercoat are given a drybrush of tin bitz and chainmail. The white sections are given a coat of red paint and given a chestnut ink wash. It's not quite finished (the actual bomb was drying when I took the picture), but it's getting there.

Here are some pictures of the finished model and some of the model in action...

Grot Bomb Launcha moves through the ruins of an Imperial City...

Grot Bomb Launcha prepares to open fire...

It is my intention to get a few of these now and to build an ammo trukk for them. Read how I am building the next one.