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Ork Lootaz

Check out how I am painting the Lootaz.

This page was last updated on the 1 September, 2010

Ork Looted Rhino

There are Orks who have looted Imperial weaponry. Not only can they use Space Marine weapons they can also borrow the transport Go to the latest updates...

The starting point for the Looted Rhino was a Chaos Rhino.

I then spent some time looking on the web for other Looted Rhinos.

I have been looking on the web to see how other people have been converting Rhino's for use as an Ork Looted Rhino.

One such site is Scarpia's Warhammer World which has an article on how to convert a Rhino into a looted Ork version

Though I do think this is a nice model, it still looks too Imperial for my liking.

Another obvious model to look at was the Forgeworld Looted Rhino.

This conversion kit contains quite a few resin pieces which replace substantial parts of the original plastic kit.

This includes new doors, a new front panel and additions to the engine panels and exhausts. Forgeworld also had another Looted Rhino on their GamesDay display.

This conversion had a death roller and various Orky panels as well as a Big Shoota and grenade launchaz.

Having taken on all these various versions I decided on a particular course of action. I would redo the side doors, the front panel, the rear door. I would also redo the top door and try and make a variant or two which could jsut slot into place. I wouldn't have a roller, but would use one of the Chaos spikey front ends. I decided to use the Chaos Havoc Launcher with a Killa Kan and use the supplied Burna with the Rhino.

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