Dystopian Wars

More stuff on what I am making for the Dystopian Wars.

Space 1889

Photographs and information on the classic Victorian Steampunk game.

Old West & Steampunk

Combining cowboys with steam.

The Difference Engine

Wargaming in the world of the analytical engine.

iFelix Blog

Find out more about what I am making and news from the web as it happens, click here.

Victorian Science Fiction

Victorian Science Fiction Steam Tank

The world of Victorian Science Fiction has many different variations and worlds. From Space 1889 to the Difference Engine. From the Dystopian Wars to Cowboys and Aliens.

This workbench covers some of the models I am painting (and have painted) that fit into the Victorian Science Fiction genre.

Long Arm of the Law

Steampunk Victoria

Tunnelling Machine

Steam Tank

Gaslamp Alley VSF Terrace House

Gaslamp Alley VSF Terrace Shop

You may also want to have a look at the models I am painting for the Dystopian Wars.