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Ned Buck

Legends of the Old West

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I already have quite a few miniatures suitable for the Old West style game. At GamesDay 2008 I did purchase the Warhammer Historical Old West rules and for Christmas 2008 I was lucky enough to get some Foundry Old West miniatures.

Ned Buck is part of VOW232 which includes Choctaw Charley & Ned Buck, Bitter Creek Todd & Blue Dog, Tuco & Cherokee Bill.

Old West

As you might expect the models come in a blister pack.

Old West

Next stage will be basing and undercoating. I based the miniature on a two pence coin, and added some slate from the Citadel Basing kit. It was then given a light white undercoat using a white spray can.

Old West

Next stage will be basecoating.

Old West

I painted his coat Brown Violet (887).

Old West

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