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Bill Longley

Legends of the Old West

I already have quite a few miniatures suitable for the Old West style game. At GamesDay 2008 I did purchase the Warhammer Historical Old West rules, I also found some other Foundry Old West models to complement the blisters I already had.

Bill Longley is part of the OW9/1 Shootists pack.

OW9/1 Shootists

The model was based on a two pence piece and then given a white undercoat.

Bill Longley

The rear view.

Bill Longley

Bill Longley

As with some of my other models I mixed some green stuff to texture the base. This will when I finish the base with a coat of Citadel Texture make the base look more like a base and less like a coin. I gave his trousers a coat of light brown paint.

Bill Longley

more soon...