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The Miniatures Gallery is vast covering all aspects of gaming from historical to fantasy, Lord of the Rings, through science fiction and alternative history. You can find photographs and images of First World War tanks, Napoleonic frigates all at sea, Flintloque Orcs fighting in towns, Citadel Limited Editions from the 1980s, Warmaster scenery including a Forgeworld castle, an Epic 40K Ork Kult of Speed at speed in the ruins of an Imperial City and then some... There are also pages on scenery and battlereports. You can also check out our photographic and manipulation techniques so that you can photograph your own models. You can even watch movies... We also now have an extended Warhammer 40K section. You can now find out how some of the miniatures you see are painted in the section entitled Jimbo's Workbench with Orks, DaemonHunters, Witch Hunters Epic and scenery.

In the dark future of the 41st Millennium, there is only war. However, our pages for Epic 40,000 and Epic Armageddon brings futuristic combat to your tabletop on a whole new scale as entire armies of thousands of troops do battle among legions of the most powerful and gigantic weapons of war ever to blast their opponents into oblivion in the nightmarish future of the Warhammer 40,000 universe! On this section of Felix's Gaming Pages you can find lots of photographs of Epic miniatures, a rules page which contains ideas and comments on Epic 40K. An Ork Conversions Page which has Gun Trukks, Trukks, Battlefortress and a Grot Bomb Launcha and coming soon Supa Kannons and Dethcoptas.... You can also find a range of photographic battle reports. There are pages for Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Titan Legions, Orks, Eldar, Squats and Chaos.

Our Warmaster pages cover the set of mass fantasy battle rules from Games Workshop. Warmaster uses 10mm high figures. As well as a gallery of images, we have: Dwarfs: containing information on new and wonderful war machines and siege cannons, complete with photographs of work in progress. Orcs and Goblins: with rules for Boar Chariot units, and Wolf Chariot mounts for your Goblin hero. The Undead: where are the zombies? The Empire: the peasants are revolting... and introducing the Hibblesvanian Swine! Now with pictures. Kislev: it's cold up there... Bretonnia: chaaaaaaarrrrrgggggeeee Grunts: Warmaster and the M16!!! Animals: elephants and swarms Scenery: a little house here and little wood there, includes pictures. Regiments of Renown: from Bugmans to Drong's Pirates. Dogs of War: show me the money...

We have pages covering a variety of rules, some from major companies, some that used to be published by Felix Enterprises and some that we are still working on... We have gaming information on the following published games: Warhammer 40K, Flames of War, Epic Armageddon, Warmaster, Epic 40K, Flintloque, Space 1889 and Star Trek Full Thrust. Rules currently under development and at some time may be published on the web include: Krazy Ivan and Tally Ho. We also have a fantasy scenarios pack Cold Iron. We use to publish the following rules (under the Felix Enterprises' imprint), to get more information click on the relevant link: Form Line of Battle, Fox Two, Iron & Fire and Action Stations.


In our articles section we have numerous written pieces for numerous genres (historical and fantasy) and gaming systems. Articles include: Otaire de Vigneur The French invasion of England 1940; Difference Engine Wargaming and the Analytical Engine; Sweep and Clear A jungle scenario for Dirtside II; Grot Bomb Launcha Grot Bomb Launcha for Epic 40000 and many others...

The books section, as well as some reviews of our favourite books, contains details of new and old books on subjects relevant to areas of the site. We have recommendations on: Wargaming, Alternate History, Harry Turtledove, Sharpe, Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, American Civil War,World War Two, Fighter Combat and Naval Warfare

The editorial section contains details of updates and additions to the site.

The news and views section contains details about gaming and gaming related events.

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In 1988, GDW published a role playing game called Space: 1889. The brainchild of Frank Chadwick, the game takes place in an alternate universe that more resembles the worlds of Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs than it does our own. Thus, Mars is a planet populated by ancient races who built a network of canals in an attempt to save their civilization from the encroaching desert. In the universe of Space: 1889, the Canal Martians live in the remnants of their once proud cities while fighting off their barbarous cousins who live in the steppes and high plateaus of the Red Planet. The Moon is honeycombed with caverns where the insectile Selenites hide their secrets. And Venus is a planet-wide swamp full of dinosaurs and primitive amphibious natives. Check out our Space 1889 pages.