Feral Orks

Feral Orks by Adrian Wood

Boar Boyz II

This time thought about using a Warhammer Fantasy orc.

Boar Boyz III

Two new Boar Boyz this time with Cyboard boar heads.

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Video Choice

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Boar Boyz

The rules for Feral Orks can be found in the Warhammer 40000 Annual 2004.

I quite like the idea of Boar Boyz I certainly use them in my Epic Ork army, but have always been a little wary of the price of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Orc Boar Riders which are £6 or even £7 each!

Having glanced around the GW online store I have come up with a potential (and cheaper) solution.

Using the Orc Command Sprue (from the Orc Boyz Regiment boxed set) you do in fact get a Boar rider. It only costs £3 (at the time) and you get an additional two Orcs. Update: then GW raised the price to £6! Update: now no longer available...

It would seem that you get three Orc bodies and four legs, however if you take a closer look at the top right you can see that the legs are slightly different!

These are the Boar Rider legs. If you have the Orc Battalion Box, you will notice you get a Orc Warlord on a Boar these are the components.

A plastic boar costs £1 for the body and 50 pence for the head, total cost is £4.50 and you get an additional two Orcs.

As the plastic components with the 40K Ork Boyz are pretty similar and you get loads of extra arms with 40K weapons to convert the Orc Boyz.

The command sprue also comes with a range of extra bitz as well including a standard, a shield and a pair of drums - perfect for any feral Ork army.

It is my intention however to use the 40mm round slottabases for the boars rather than the WHFB cavalry bases which come with the boars.

Here is a picture of the first constructed Ork.

I may add some reins and add a few other features and I need to add a scenic base.

My Feral Ork Boar Boyz are on their way, and this is where the Boars are at.

Though they do seem a little small... The riders were mounted on 60mm bases and undercoated black and then followed the same process as my Orks.

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