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The Robot Mummy was from the Pyramids Of Mars story from 1975

The TARDIS materialises on Earth in the year 1911 inside an old priory owned by Egyptologist Marcus Scarman. Scarman has been possessed by Sutekh, last survivor of the god-like Osirans, who held prisoner inside a pyramid in Egypt by a signal trasnmitted from one on Mars. Sutekh desires his freedom and instructs Scarman to construct servicer robots - which look like Eygptian mummies - to build a missile with which to destroy the Martian pyramid …

Pyramids Of Mars

Back in the 1990s Harlequin Miniatures produced a licensed range of 28mm metal miniatures (these are now available from Black Tree Designs) and I bought back then a fair few blisters. I did managed to secure a few of the Robot Mummy models.

Robot Mummy

Robot Mummy

Looking through the collection of models I had bought, I realised I had bought four of them!

Robot Mummy

The next stage was a white undercoat.

Robot Mummy

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