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The first episode with the fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) was Robot.

Mortally weakened by the Spider Queen on Metebelis 3, the Doctor is forced to regenerate. His recuperation is cut short as UNIT investigates a spate of robberies involving components for a top-secret disintegrator gun. The culprit is quickly identified as a highly sophisticated robot built by Professor Kettlewell, being ordered to act against its Prime Directive.

Just how is the robot being used to carry out the sinister agenda of the Scientific Reform Society? Can the Doctor rescue Sarah from the robot’s clutches and avert a nuclear war?

I really like this episode, lots of UNIT action (even if they do use an Action Man Scorpion Tank in one shot).

This is the metal miniature that was made by Harlequin Miniatures.


This is the “normal” size of the Robot when we first meet it.

Of course…

Spoiler Alert

One of the plot points in the story is that the Robot does get bigger… that’s the reason the novelisation is called Doctor Who and the Giant Robot! I wish I had bought one of the 7″ Action Figures of the Robot as that would be perfect for the big version. If I see one, I might get one, but I don’t think they make it anymore, which is a pity.



The Robot was given a white undercoat.


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