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This page was last updated on the 5 December, 2007

Grey Knights

Grey Knights are the core troops of any Daemonhunters army. As with most Citadel Space Marins they came with plastic backpacks, and in the case of the "normal" marines the force halberds were separate. The models were glued together and the gaps on the bases was filled with green stuff.

As with most Space Marine models the backpacks are plastic.

They were originally sprayed black and missing bits (see next picture) were covered with Chaos Black.

They were then given a coat of Chainmal and a highlight of Mithril.

I then followed the advice of the Codex painting guide and gave them a thinned wash of blue ink, which in my mind didn't work too well, but we'll wait and see. The gold parts were painted with Burnished Gold.

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