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Grey Knights

See how I am painting *real* Grey Knights

This page was last updated on the 13 February, 2007


Grey Knights Tactical Squad

If you have looked at my Grey Knights Landspeeder you will realise that I am attempting to paint a Grey Knights force which goes beyond the listings in the DaemonHunters Codex. What I am trying to do is to create a Grey Knights force (using the Space Marine Codex) and then using a DaemonHunters force as allies.

One thing I will be using are ordinary Space Marines conveted and painted as Grey Knights. My Tactical squads will include Space Marines with Assault Weapons. Here is the blister pack.


Having taken all the parts out of the blister and cleaned them. I took the right arms, removed the hands and stuck the arms on.

Grey Knight Tactical

I then stuck the weapons to the arms. Added the left arms, stuck on the shoulder pads and the backpacks. This is the frontal view.

Grey Knight Tactical

This is the rear view.

Grey Knight Tactical

Using PVA (white glue) I flocked the bases using Citadel sand.

Grey Knight Tactical

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