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Ork Airfield Defence Force* Vehicles II

Having finished a couple of these, I have been working on a some more of the Ork Airfield Defence Force airfield vehicles.

These models are starting off from Ork Flakwagons.

These models are starting off from Ork Flakwagons.

The boys from the epic40k.co.uk forums have come up with some cracking ideas for vehicles.

They include:

This is one attempt using the smoke launchers from the 40K scale Chaos Rhino, personally I think they look a little too high tech for the Orks.

Ork Trukks

Here is another one which looks more convincing using Space Marine era Basilisk guns.

Ork Trukks

This is my Ork Anti-Dropship Flakwagon.

Ork Trukks

The concept is that upon sighting an Imperial Dropship (or similar) it would fire all three rockets and attempt to take it down.

It is also used on the battlefield as a heavy artillery piece as well.

Ork Trukks

It is an Ork Flakwagon with the side panels cut off. A Hydra central unit (from the main weapon) is stuck onto the back and then three Pulsa Rokkits are stuck on that.

It could also be used as a Ork Soopagun. 

more soon

* I know a more Orkish name would be more in keeping with the fluff...