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This page was last updated on the 28 November, 2005


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Ork Airfield Defence Force* Vehicles III

As well as my other vehicles I have dug out some old buggies which I am aiming to finish off and use with the force. These are FlakBuggies or Ack Ack Buggies.

These models are starting off from Ork Buggies.

These models are starting off from Ork Flakwagons.

They use Flakwagon weapons (which I had used as Trukks in other conversions). Though the one on the end is using a Big Gunz instead.

The boys from the epic40k.co.uk forums have come up with some cracking ideas for vehicles.

They include:

Here is a conversion of an Imperial Basilisk Hull (older model version) with a crane made from the claws of a plastic Ork Battlewagon. The hull was filled with green stuff and a dozer blade from Epic40k models was added to the front.

Recovery Tank

more soon

* I know a more Orkish name would be more in keeping with the fluff...