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This page was last updated on the 8 December, 2007

Ork Fighter Bomma

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The orange has not worked!!! I really don't like it.

Despite two coats the Citadel Orange paint is not covering the brown undercoat at all well... Not sure what to do now, I may have to go for a different colour entirely and my dream of an orange Ork Bommer is fading fast...

Well after much thinking, I decided to stick with the orange, but this time lay it on thick!

It has covered better and now looks like battered panels where the paint has cracked and flaked off. I need to do some highlighting and some more weathering, but I am now more pleased with this than the previous attempt!

it is somewhat bright, but I may vary the share across different panels.

I am much happier with the effect, but I am still not convinced the colour is the right colour - which is why I am trying this effect on the underside!

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