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Ork Kommando with Big Shoota

See how I am painting the Ork Kommando with Big Shoota.

Ork Kommando with Burna

See how I am painting the Ork Kommando with Burna.

This page was last updated on the 12 December, 2007

Ork Kommandos

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I have added materials from the urban basing kit to my Ork Kommandos.

Ork Kommandos

I didn't use any of the resin pieces, but used the large and small slate. I think I will add some barbed wire as well.

I initially decided to paint their backpacks separately, so thought of how I would need to mount them. After much thought (and a fair bit of procrastination) I decided against that idea and stuck the backpacks on.

Here is the Kommando Nob (Boss)'s backpack complete with Grot

Ork Kommandos

I have based my other Ork bosses on 40mm bases, so I might at some point rebase him, but for the moment he can stay on his smaller base (well he is an infiltrator).

Ork Kommandos

The Kommandos come with two different backpacks, I've thought with the Stikkbombz and Tankbombz that these models would make good Tankbustaz.

Ork Kommandos

The boyz...

Ork Kommandos

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