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Ork Bommer

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With the way I am going to paint the model I kept the cockpit, pilot and turret assembly separate, and the bombs as well.

I gave my constructed Ork Bommer a white undercoat. The next stage was a spray basecoat of German Armour Yellow. I used that colour, mainly as I had it in the house.

I decided after basecoating the Ork Bommer that I might do an experiment with this model and apply some camouflage. I decided to add a second spray, after masking off some of the basecoat, of a different contrasting colour. Looking through the cupboard I realised that I only had a dark green, whereas I did think a darker brown would have worked well. Ah well, I had time to paint, not much time though to go out and buy some new paint! In terms of masking I had three options, use some masking fluid, masking tape or blu-tac. I decided not to use the masking fluid, as I had not used it before, though I will probably have a go with it for the glass canopies. I did consider using masking tape, but I wanted curved lines not straight. So in the end went with the blu-tac. This I stuck on the model and then gave the model a spray of British Armour Green.

As this was an Ork scheme, I didn’t use any kind of regular pattern with the camouflage.

After letting the paint fully dry, I removed the blu-tac.

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